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Children with Libby McArthur


Since 2007 DRUMCOG has been working with the Community to try to get a flavour of what the local residents feel are the issues that should be addressed in their area.  In October 2007 DRUMCOG participated in a range of ‘fact finding’ initiatives: -


The main purpose of this project was to develop a strategy outlining the role the local landlords can play to positively engage young people in Drumchapel with a view to reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour.  It was envisaged that this strategy would feed into the Forum’s own Wider Role Strategy as a Young Person’s theme.  We also saw this piece of work encouraging the local landlords to work jointly to redress the issues identified, as opposed to working independently on similar projects.  This was achieved through a series of workshops looking at youth related issues experienced by each of the landlords, recording these and identifying other local partners to address these issues.

This project has been successful in that we now have forged a strong link with the local Youth Project - G15 and we provide mutual support to events throughout Drumchapel.


A Drumchapel-wide Community Conference was arranged to highlight work already underway locally and based on the response from the residents who attended, we were able to prepare a 3-year Wider Role Strategy.  This identifies 5 key priority areas of work over the period 2009-2012 and these are: -
  • Addiction Support   
  • Financial Awareness
  • Community Safety, tackling ASB   
  • Creating employment/training initiatives
  • Youth engagement & youth initiatives    
Each of these key priorities have been divided into Sub-Groups which are made up of members of staff from every RSL with a lead officer from each RSL identified to progress the projects proposed within their group.  We recognise that some of the priorities may inter-link as the strategy evolves and as such, local organisations may be contacted by more than one lead officer.  You can read more about the progress on these projects in the Future Projects section

Cernach Housing Association was the lead for the Addiction Support Sub-Group and this, along with the other Sub-Groups have been supported by a member of the Community Links Scotland team.  The Sub-Groups provide regular feedback to the Wider Role Forum.


We are very proud to have been involved with the Community and the achievements made so far.  These have been captured in our most recent Wider Role Newsletter.


:: Emergency

Emergency Contact Numbers:
Gas Leak (SGN):0800 111 999
Scottish Power:0845 272 7999
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Other Repairs:0800 595 595

Cernach Office:0141 944 3860

:: Wider Role

Cernach Housing Association currently creates and participates in wider role projects within the Kingsridge Cleddans area of Drumchapel.

In addition we work in partnership with Drumchapel Wider Role Forum.

Click here to find out more about our Wider Role activities
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